mounting snapsmounting snaps

Mounting Snaps

Standard (Nylon) Mounting Snaps included in the price of Aluminum Molding. Heavy Duty (Brass) Snaps required if mounting to concrete, brick, plaster, etc.

Nylon Set Includes 6 Snaps and a Joiner. Brass Set Includes 6 Snaps.


About Mounting Snaps

Product Details

Standard (Nylon) Snaps are used on flat wall surfaces and six are included per every length of Timeless Modern Molding

Heavy Duty (Brass) Snaps are used for repeated mounting, brick walls, curved walls, acrylic showcases, or when presenting art directly from the Molding without a Rod.

A Mounting Snap set consists of 6 snaps and a joiner.

What You'll Need

Screws NOT included.