white security rod sleevewhite security rod sleeve

Security Rod Sleeve

You can have a very secure hanging system by using both the Lock-On Rod Sleeve on the top molding and the Security Rod Sleeve on the bottom molding.


About Security Rod Sleeve

Product Details

The Walker Security System is designed to be a theft deterrent.

Using the system

  • will increase the amount of time required to steal a picture hung in an exhibition
  • require tools that may not be commonly available,
  • will conceal the means of “security” so that the knowledge needed to release the security is not readily available.

The Security Rod Sleeve differs from a normal Lock-On Rod Sleeve in the length of the sleeve and the angle of the bend.

SCREWS: 10-packs have the screws in small bags which are stapled to the paper identification tag. Orders that are less than 10-pack will have the screws set in the hooks or holders.

What You'll Need

We send along a hex wrench with each shipment.